Avengers – Big screen, big names, big action and big money!

The success of Iron Man and Captain America (and also perhaps Thor?) paved the way for the ultimate Marvel-fest that Avengers is and boy do this movie deliver fast paced action, weird and wonderful creatures and superheroes galore – all in one big battle against Loke and his hired henchmen from outer space on a mission to enslave the earth!

Initially I ignored the release of Avengers thinking it was “milking” the Marvel universe but it’s probably the best movie in the genre, perhaps tied with the first Captain America, which is also pretty good…

I love how Black Widow is sent to “pick up” Bruce Banner, a.k.a Hulk, for his expertise in radioactive research in order to track Loke, and how they managed to make this a quite funny part of the movie as well!

Iron Man and Captain America isn’t exactly hitting it in the beginning and there’s a lot of internal friction until Captain America just accepts the fact that Iron Man is a millionaire playboy in a iron suit, but along the ride they settle their differences.

If you haven’t seen any of the Marvel movies and wan’t to see one of them – see this and you’ll get action, humor,  great footage and a well produced movie – with high tempo!

I give this movie almost 5 out of 5 but compared to some of the really great movies I have to give it a 4, but as a “feelgood” movie it’s a really great one!


Author: politisktinkorrektpappa

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