Despicable Me

The first movie with the Minions we all have learned to love!

If you have missed this movie you must live under a rock because this is amongst the finest animated movie ever made – and it’s equally fun for us adults as for the kids!

The movie is about the criminal mastermind Gru who is suddenly being challenged as the number one out there and a new grand scheme is created to regain the number 1 position.

At his help he has an almost unlimited workforce of Minions that seemingly only live to serve their evil masters – and let’s be honest – the Minions are what partly makes these movies so great because they seem to be directed by Monty Python or similar and their average IQ is perhaps a few notches below par…

When trying to reclaim his position as the greatest criminal mastermind Gru needs to access the lair of Vector – the nerd supervillain who’s stolen Gru’s genius plan – and he realises that the only way to succeed he needs to (temporarily) adopt three little girls from an orphanage to help him steal something. These three girls (Margo, Edith & Agnes) are three sisters who are not as easy to control as Gru will discover and the plot is set!

The first time I saw Despicable Me with the kids I was laughing so hard that I almost cracked a rib. The interaction between the characters and the punchlines are so brilliant that it never gets old! This is humor at its best, and it doesn’t matter how old you are or where you come from. If you don’t love this movie then there’s something fundamentally wrong with you!

The only thing wrong with Despicable Me is that it eventually ends after 95 minutes and it only takes one viewing to make you addicted.

Gru is voiced by Steve Carell and he should’ve gotten an Oscar for this job but the other characters are equally well voiced and Illumination Entertainment did a brilliant job here!

If you haven’t seen it – drop whatever you’re doing and get a copy!

This is my first 5 out of 5 movie, but well worth it!


Author: politisktinkorrektpappa

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