The Minions are back – and this time we get to learn where they came from and how they eventually ended up in Gru’s basement?

Minions is a movie we all have been waiting for, and although I love Gru and his interaction with the Minions – this movie is about the time before Gru (b.g) and how they ended up where they are today – and obviously what went wrong on the way…

We get to see the Minions search for a evil master to serve throughout the history and the story is taking place before they meet Gru, and although created in hindsight – it does shed some light on why they serve Gru in the two first movies.

The “heroes” of the Minions are Kevin, Stuart & Bob and this movie is about their quest to find a new supervillan to serve, and this gang of three Minions set out to save the tribe from boredom – because they currently have no master.

The year is sometimes in the late 60’s and Kevin, Stuart & Bob arrive in New York after a long journey. Around this time they find out about Villain Con and they decide to go to Atlanta (and Villain Con) to find a new master to serve!

Minions is more fast paced than Despicable Me 2 and we now get to see loads of new characters – some villains, some royalties and some just weird, but at Villain Con they meet Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock) and the search is done – or is it?

We get to see great scenes from both New York and London, and the rendition of the Beefeaters is excellent!!! Minions also contain more music than the first two movies and this is done to suit the older audience I guess because there are quite a few references that are not meant for the kids to understand, but this I liked and the kids liked it regardless.

There is a conflict, a battle and a resolution here and this is well scripted and executed! I was almost constantly laughing and the kids hushed me on more than one occasion because we weren’t exactly alone in the cinema…

The movie ends just like we all hoped and just like the first movie we all wanted more. The only question now is should the fourth movie pick up where Minions ends or should it pick up where Despicable Me 2 ends? Obviously there will be a new movie since this is making loads of cash for Illumination Entertainment. All signs points towards Despicable Me 3 rather than Minions 2 but there is very little know as of now, but I think we can expect a release in 2017.

I give Minions 4 out of 5. A brilliant movie but it could never reach the same level as the first movie, but sequels rarely do. I will give it some extra credits for the song “Hair” performed by Kevin, Stuart, Bob and three of the Queens guards! 😀


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