My name is Bond, James Bond. Meow…

Ok, so I’m a bit late to the game but such is life with kids – you just can’t see all the movies you want to see when you want to see them, but I was finally able to see Spectre now, and it was much better than expected! I’m a huge Bond fan and I don’t know how many times I’ve seen all the movies, but we’re talking quite a few here!

The opening was grand but we all expected an action-filled scene from Mexico since it was all to known so nothing major here…

…well, except for the theme song that is. “Writing’s on the Wall” by Sam Smith (whoever that is?) is probably one of the worst Bond themes ever to be recorded, and this is a disappointment since all Daniel Craig movies has had great themes! “Skyfall” with Adele is one of the best ever, and so is “You know my name” performed by Chris Cornell. “Another Way to Die” by Jack White is also high on the list so why we got a crappy one here I don’t know… A shame though since Bond films are (almost) always connected to a strong theme song.

The first part of the movie is retro Bond with all the italian styling and environment – straight out of the early 60’s with regards to clothes and style. This was a tad too obvious I thought, but well done. What also was apparent was that this was going to be a rather serious film and not so much humor – which was fitting with the story. I honestly never liked the comedy-Bond portrayed by Roger Moore because Bond was a serious chap – but with wits and tongue, as Sean Connery “created” him, and Daniel Craig is the only Bond who’s been true to this character.

By linking all the previous villains with Spectre I felt it was a cheap post-construction in order to tie everything together – and especially with the fate of the current Bond, but more on that towards the end of this review…

I must admit I was curious how they were going to portrait “Spectre” in this movie. Would they dare to include Blofeld – and how would it pan out? When the white cat was seen for just a split second all was confirmed and after that it was no longer any guesswork 😉
The final chapter was also made to feel like 60’s retro Bond, but very well made.

Spectre is a good Bond movie, no doubt. Not on par with Casino Royale, but it was more exciting than usual and with unusually good acting!

As soon as the movie started I got the feeling that this was going to be the last instalment with Daniel Craig as James Bond, and the longer the movie progressed, the stronger that feeling grew, and during the final scene it was so obvious that I’d find it hard to see him return. I hope I’m wrong here because I have really enjoyed Daniel Craig as James Bond for these four movies, but everything points towards the end. (unless he returns with a whole new story that has nothing to do with this one?)

Almost all Bond movies ends with “James Bond will return…” but this one didn’t – which is further proof that this was the last one with Daniel Craig.

Casting Christoph Waltz as Ernesto Blofeld was a great move, and it didn’t bother me that he had hair. Who knows? He might shave it for next time 😉

Léa Seydoux as Dr. Madeleine Swann worked fine and Ralph Fiennes was given a bigger part this time, which he did well. Also Ben Whishaw as Q was given more screen-time here and he proved yet again that he’s a great actor.

How to rate it then? Well, it was a bloody good movie! I can’t reduce the score by the crappy theme song, but the “hastily put together Spectre affiliate” didn’t feel credible and was certainly never planned, nor even an idea, when Casino Royale was penned down hence why it can’t be a full whammy…

So I give it 4 out of 5, but one really well made Bond film with regards to acting, actors, scenery and footage, and let’s not forget the well coordinated action scenes!!!

Whoever will put on the suit after Daniel Craig’s had enough has some shoes to fill – that’s for sure!

I hope I’m wrong and that he’ll do a couple more, but if not then these movies has been the best Bond films!

p.s Yes, I know Daniel Craig is still contracted to do another, or two, Bond movies, but my gut feeling is still that this concludes here.


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