X-Files Season 10 – we’re back!

Two FBI agents, Fox Mulder the believer and Dana Scully the skeptic, investigate the strange and unexplained while hidden forces work to impede their efforts.

The TV-series X-Files with Mulder and Scully is finally(?) back after a 13 year long hiatus, and it required quite a lot of demand and money I guess… So why the question mark then next to the word “finally”?

Honestly, I was sceptical to this as soon as it was made public quite some time ago and it’s partly due to the fact that the previous comeback, X-Files: I Want to Believe, was everything but good. Ok, the acting was pretty good and casting Billy Connolly is never a bad thing – but as a paedophile vicar? Come on!?! The movie was nothing about aliens or other unexplainable shit, and Xzibit as Agent Mosley Drummy… What were they thinking? But this isn’t about the previous full length movie, it’s about the TV-series reboot.

In the first episode “My Struggle” Mulder and Scully are united again in order to work on a case, and this first episode made me question why on earth I decided to give the new episodes a go… I’m a proper X-Files fan and in 1993 I was old enough to date Gillian Anderson – I wish! – so X-Files was initially more than just a TV show because we all fancied Dana Scully, but such is life 😉
The story was sketchy as f and the reverted roles between Mulder and Scully where Mulder now denies everything was poor to say the least and if it hadn’t been for the fact that the next episode was aired the following day, this would’ve been the last episode of X-Files I’d ever watch! The acting in this episode was pretty horrible as well.

The second episode “Founder’s Mutation” actually felt like a proper X-Files episode so my hope got ignited again and I wrote off the first episode as a shaky start, and oh boy was I wrong…

Here comes the third episode “Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster” where Mulder and Scully are chasing a monster who’s killing people, or so we are led to believe anyway, and this is probably a new low in regards to how bad an episode of X-Files can be! David Duchovny is clearly just doing it for the money and he’s taking a piss on his former alter ego, and things just go from bad to worse… This episode is even worse than episode 6 “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas” in season 6 or most of the other dodgy episodes Chris Carter made when he was fresh out of proper ideas.
This episode was so bad that it was embarrassing – that is unless you like the comedy episodes, which I don’t. “Mixed reviews” is an understatement of massive proportions because everyone I know just hated it, and now it’s all too obvious that this is just 6 episodes of a legendary TV-Series made in order to stop any further attempts to revive it again! That’s my honest review.

Sadly/luckily episode 5 will revive “The Lone Gunmen” after them dying in their final episode “Jump the Shark” and I’d love to see how they solve that little problem, but I am no longer eagerly awaiting the next episode and this must surely be the very last time Mulder and Scully join the ranks of FBI. They must’ve been offered big money to do this – that’s for sure!

There’s nothing to analyse here – this gets a 1 out of 1, and that’s only because I haven’t implemented 0 (zero) as a score yet… What a shame because this is one of the best TV-series ever created.


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  1. Ok, slight improvement for episode 4 but this back and forth between crap and ok-ish doesn’t hold.
    I do wonder what they were thinking because to me it seems some want to make more X-Files and some want to make sure this’ll never happen?…

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  2. Was hoping for something special since the Lone Gunmen were going to magically appear in this episode and a few frames was all we got – and the rest of the episode was a new low whilst scraping the barrel…
    It is crystal clear that there will never ever be any more episodes of X-Files, and this I fully support! It must be Chris Carter who’s on magic mushrooms because his scripts and directing is painfully bad.

    Are these six episodes a spring-board for a spin off with Agent Einstein and Miller? I really hope not because that would be lower than low and a kick in the nether region to the original series – which deserve to be buried as it is. Before it gets any worse…

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  3. Final episode felt rushed and had way too much script for the time available for the episode, hence why this episode is confusing at best…
    Yet again we see Einstein and Miller together with Scully and Mulder so this might have been a launch for a spin-off with them two, but since none of the actors have anything even close to this recorded on imdb.com it is not likely…?

    The relaunch of X-Files is now over and it was a bad one. So bad in fact that I’d rather wished they hadn’t done it.

    If you still haven’t seen it and is even remotely a fan – do yourselves a favour and go back and watch season 1-3 instead! 😉

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