The 5th Wave

Alien invasion and kids try to save the planet, or whatever it was supposed to be?…

Some time ago I read an early review about The 5th Wave that it was supposed to be an “yet another alien invasion movie – but this one catered for the family as the audience, and blood & gore was replaced by exciting acting and brave kids! It didn’t exactly register on my “next-to-watch” movie but there aren’t too many family-oriented alien-attack movies so I decided to give it a go, and after discovering that Chloë Grace Moretz was the lead character my initial cold look upon this movie was transformed into something lukewarm instead.

I should add that Chloë Grace Moretz is a young actor who has impressed me quite a lot since the first “Kick Ass” movie was released, and her rendition of Carrie White in “Carrie” – although the movie was a flop – proved she was a future mega star on the way!

With this in mind me and the kids begun watching the movie without seeing the trailer first so we were all in the dark…

Early on I got my hopes up really high upon discovering that both Ron Livingston and Liev Schreiber had supporting roles in this movie, but after a bleak start things quickly went downhill, and what a dive we were in for…

The movie is roughly about an alien invasion of planet Earth, and how they cripple us with each “wave” of attack – hence the title “The 5th Wave”. Power is gone, tsunamis and earthquakes wreak havoc on people and built up areas and a virus helps to further decimate the population and eventually the army steps in to help the survivors that are left. (or so we are led to believe anyway…)

The initial promise of “family-friendly” was acceptable from a no blood or gore point of view, but since we never got to see anything alien, apart from a brief view of an alien ship – it was hard to grasp what was alien attack and what was not, and who and where were all these aliens???

I’m not going to spoil anything further in case someone actually wants to see this pile of manure, but the burden falls onto the kids to try to save the planet – which is such a dumb idea that only Disney or similar can come up with…

When it was only 10 minutes left of the movie my youngest son asked me -“When is something going to start happening?”. This was certainly a relevant question, which I sadly couldn’t answer. 10 minutes later my oldest son said -“Dad. This was not a good movie.” which I could only agree with.

An alien movie without aliens. An invasion movie without invasion and a script thinner than what’s left on top of Donald Trumps head – that’s what “The 5th Wave” can be described as, and it’s a pretty good description!

Obviously the early review I read was a dodgy one from someone in the production, or affiliated with. The current IMDB score is 5.2 – but trust me, this will drop further…

Some ok-ish acting (Ron Livingston and Liev Schreiber) saves this movie score-wise from a total flop and almost scrapes up enough for a 1 out of 5, but my kids gave it a solid 0 out of 5. First time ever come to think of it!

Don’t watch this movie and especially don’t watch it with your kids because it’s not exciting or thrilling – it’s depressing and especially tragic for the younger audience. You’re better off watching paint dry to be honest!

Out of respect to Ron Livingston, Liev Schreiber and Chloë Grace Moretz I have to settle with 1 out of 5, but it’s a really weak 1 for sure…


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