The Brothers Grimsby

Ali G and Borat goes to 11…

The Brothers Grimsby and the character Nobby is the latest alter-ego by Sacha Baron Cohen – and this time he’s taken rude to a whole new level! I’m not easily affected by rude language or explicit scenes, but this movie even made me cringe more than once by the extremely rude scenes in this movie – and the trailers had shown nothing of this so I saw it with the boys, whom both were shocked over some of the scenes… Well, maybe not shocked but borderline disgusted by some scenes and I don’t think they’ve closed their eyes so many times before when watching a movie. Note to self – read some reviews before watching another Sacha Baron Cohen movie with the kids in the future! In short: this is not a movie you watch with your kids! It’s an adult movie.

Ok, that out of the way and lets focus on the movie then shall we…

This is a story about two little boys growing up in a fictive harsh environment in the Northern England where football, beer, huliganism and generally not giving a shit is reality. They are doing everything together until they are split apart when only one of them is adopted, and they lose contact. Fast forward 28 years later and we get to see how older brother Nobby is still living in Grimsby, drinking with his friends, watching football, having 9 kids with his girlfriend and generally being a real twat! Next we get to see the younger brother – Sebastian (played by Mark Strong) – who after the adoption now is an MI6 agent with a license to kill – and seemingly their absolute top agent on a very important mission to save the world.

Nobby has never given up finding his younger brother again – to reunite the family – and this is obviously the plot of the movie…

Let’s not spoil anything more baring in mind that I’ve already spilled some beans, but nothing that wasn’t already blatantly obvious in the trailer, and let’s focus on the movie, plot and actors!

It is a fast paced, action filled, extremely rude and graphic, action comedy that even made me blush – and I will never EVER be able to look at an elephant again in my life without thinking of this movie, that’s a fact! If you ever thought Ali G., Borat or any of the other characters Sacha Baron Cohen has played were rude and explicit – this is on a different level, and with a runtime of 83 minutes I suspect some even more explicit scenes were cut before it hit the silver screen…

Sacha is doing a great job with his new protagonist and Mark Strong is equally great portraying the younger brother Sebastian, and there are quite a few really senior actors in this movie that gives the non-Nobby scenes a feeling of a “proper” high budget action movie – but you always know what’s to come next…

Nubbys girlfriend Rebel Wilson is played by Dawn Grobham. I wish she could’ve been given a bit more screen time, but the scenes she did star in were great and she really did her part well! In fact the whole casting of the Grimsby population was superb and they managed to pick actors like Johnny Vegas, Ricky Tomlinson, John Thomson and many other “northern” people to make the crowd – and I laughed so hard at many of the scenes with the Grimsby posse!!!

Penélope Cruz is playing a major part in the movie but in order to not spoil anything about the story I’m only saying she did a good job. Bonus actors are Matthew Baldwin as a Fake Daniel Radcliffe and, what I presume, a digital Donald Trump! How on earth they got away with using Donald Trump in the movie – and doing what they did to him – I don’t know, but someone behind this movie clearly doesn’t like him and you’ll see how they treated this… :p

So was the movie any good then? Well, it’s a “Ali G./Borat vs. James Bond/Mission Impossible” and it should be watched whilst drinking lager and eating mushy peas. Not bad. Not that great either, but not bad at all. Some scenes were a bit too much, but such is Sacha Baron Cohen and if you can’t take his type of humor then don’t watch this movie. And for f..ks sake – don’t watch it with your kids! (unless they are 15+)

Some parts of the movie deserves a clear five out of five whilst other parts struggle to get even a three out of five, but over all – after a first viewing – I’m currently leaning towards a four out of five – but that’s more because of Mark Strong than Sacha Baron Cohen and the excellent camera work – and this is where I must credit the director Louis Leterrier for his part in this.

If you want a laugh and don’t mind explicit and rude scenes then this is a movie for you! If not, well… There are others…



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