Ghostbusters (2016)

-Who you gonna call? The chinese restaurant downstairs…

I saw the reincarnation of Ghostbusters last week but had to wait for almost a week to digest it, and to watch it again just to see if I felt the same the second time?…

Ok, I had read a couple of reviews and I’ve followed the debate prior to Ghostbusters release and I wasn’t exactly sure what to think about this reincarnation. I would have loved a proper Ghostbusters with the original cast but this seemed impossible with script rejections and cast members not exactly on board, so I guess we should be happy with what we got… or?

I saw a photograph with the cast & crew from Ghostbusters a few months back and it was a very feministic approach to say the least, but that doesn’t mean bad by default – quite the opposite there are many talented female film workers out there and I couldn’t care less what sex the director have, or any another person involved. But if an all male crew would’ve portaited all female actors as stupid in a movie things would get ugly fast and here we have an all female crew & cast apart from a few male actors – who are all really stupid?! This was a cheap move and made the movie worse that it already was.

This new Ghostbusters movie is pretty much just a remake of the original movie, with a few differences. Gone is the old cast and in with four women. Sadly the acting was a bit so-so at best and the script was… well, not exactly exciting or thrilling and you could predict every little step throughout the whole ordeal.


The (new) Ghostbusters are Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) and Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig), Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) and Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) and their utterly stupid receptionist Kevin (Chris Hemsworth). Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig are pretty solid actors so they did most of the lifting, and Chris Hemsworth was funny at times but his character was so pathetic that it didn’t matter what he did because nothing made it funny. Ok, his “portfolio” of photos was funny but that was about it…

An estranged guy, played by Neil Casey, is attracting ghosts in order to create an apocalypse and our Ghostbusters set out to foil the plan. End of movie. That was pretty much the whole script. 😉

I didn’t think it was a good movie and the kids thought it sucked, and that is a quote. What made it even worse were all the cameos because they were getting worse and worse and it was obvious that they just threw them in just because, and in the end when Sigourney Weaver appears in the lab I just sighed and was happy it was over… The even managed to f-up the score as well! The Ghostbusters song is great and even that they managed to cock up…


This could have been an ok movie if they had treated it with a bit of respect but instead they ended up with a pile of crap, and by reading the reviews after seeing Ghostbusters my views are verified by pretty much everyone else.

Ghostbusters is a solid 1 out of 5 and a disgrace to the original. That’s my humble opinion.


p.s Imagine this Ghostbusters with Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray instead. Sadly Harold Ramis passed away 2014 so that would never have happened…

p.p.s The cameo I really wanted to see was Rick Moranis, but he stayed out of this. Clever move.

p.p.p.s This is the real deal!!!

Ghostbusters - the real ones!!!

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