I watch a lot of movies. A LOT! I also have two boys (age 10 & 12) so we watch a lot of family-type movies, and pretty much every comedy there is. Later at night I watch the movies that are more violent, or have deeper dialogue or just isn’t for kids, but we do watch a lot of movies! We stopped watching TV three years ago and it’s nothing we miss.

I used to own in excess of 2000 VHS cassettes and I currently own ~800 DVDs and unknown amount of Blu-Ray movies. If a movie is worth watching more than once – which most are – they are ripped and stored on a large RAID system at home, which I stream from whenever, and wherever, we watch our movies. It’s great to have access to almost the whole movie library from the remote control! I have also built my own players but that’s perhaps not so strange since I’m a SW and HW dev…

A long time ago I used to write movie reviews for a newspaper, and this is something I miss because I often reviewed movies that perhaps were somewhat obscure or not mainstream – and there are many great movies that easily can be missed unless you hear about them, so here is my honest reviews of pretty much every movie I watch from now on! (and I will try to review some of the movies I’ve seen the last year or so, to catch up.)

I am in no way affiliated with the movie industry, publishers or similar, nor am I sponsored or under contract to write “nice things”. I write my reviews as I feel about that particular movie and that’s it.

Please feel free to comment, or add your own views, on my reviews/posts. Perhaps I missed the plot on a movie or you think my recommendation was terrible? Any details regarding the movie that needs highlighting?

I hope you enjoy my reviews and recommendations and remember:

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

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